Leilany Garron-Mills, Bolivian born, is an American/Canadian Resident artist
who holds a BFA in Painting from the Nova Scotia College of Art + Design (NSCAD), Canada;
and a BA in Graphic Design from the University of Maryland at Baltimore County (UMBC), USA.
Leilany completed her Printmaking Post-Graduate studies
at NSCAD University in 2019.

Mission: To inspire others to connect to creativity—through art. Vision: A world where creativity, imagination & courage become part of our every day lives.

Leilany lives with her husband in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.


Misión: Inspirar a otros a conectarse con la creatividad—a través del arte. Visión: Un mundo donde la creatividad, la imaginación & la valentía sean parte de nuestro diario vivir.

Leilany vive con su esposo en Halifax, Nueva Escocia, Canadá.